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Padavan Attacks Parkside's Tactics

Padavan Fires Back
February 6, 2009
Even though the recount in the 11th SD is over and Republican Frank Padavan will be returning to his Senate seat in Albany, the war of words between the GOP and the Democrats wages on.

In response to Democratic Councilman Jim Gennaro's non-concession concession statement last night in which he blamed Padavan and his fellow Republicans for dragging out the race and demanded an apology on behalf of the districts residents, the returning senator fired back with some finger-pointing of his own.

After thanking the "thousands" who supported his re-election by 578 votes and expressing his eagerness to return to Albany next week (at which time he will resume being paid for showing up to work), Padavan took aim at the Gennaro, his supporters and his consulting firm, the Parkside Group.

"From Election Night and at every step of the recount, I remained in the lead," Padavan said. "However, despite this crystal clear fact, Councilman James Gennaro and his political cohorts at the Parkside Group engaged in a shameful smear campaign intended to mislead residents of the 11th Senate District."

"Today, their constant claims and negative attacks have once again been proven erroneous and utterly baseless. In fact, ballots that were deemed invalided based on Election Law by the both the Queens Board of Elections and the New York City Board of Elections were examined twice providing an unprecedented level of scrutiny and due diligence for any recount in our state."

"Councilman Gennaro, party bosses and the political operatives at the Parkside Group prolonged this process with endless delays and senseless legal wrangling in order to advance their own political agenda."

"Had it not been for the unmitigated greed and self-serving motives of Councilman Gennaro and the Parkside Group this election would have been resolved back in November and the residents of the 11th Senate District would not have been denied a voice in the State Senate at a critical time for our community and state."

"The antics of Councilman Gennaro and his Parkside Group friends are a complete disservice to the community and lead to the disenfranchisement of the tens of thousands of Northeast Queens residents. As a result of their outrageous tactics, Gennaro and the Parkside Group are responsible for wasting thousands of taxpayers' dollars."

For the record, Gennaro has paid Parkside more than $476,500 since last July for consulting, TV ads, signs, literature and other campaign-related exenses, according to his financial reports online at the state Board of Elections Web site.

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By Elizabeth Benjamin on February 6, 2009 10:35 AM | Comments (5) Email Buzz up!

February 6, 2009
11:03 AM
Parkside sure does earn a large fee.

At the very least they've guaranteed themselves another $500,000 payday in 2010 for the rematch.

Of course if this war of words continues then Parkside could stand to reap in the $ even earlier.


February 6, 2009
11:06 AM
I am for voters' rights but if a voter can't even fill a ballot correctly with accurate information then the ballot should be null immediately. Gennaro is a sore loser. I will never forgive Gennaro on how he treated the female lawyer who spoke in behalf of the NYC bar association on their support for the ban on horse drawn carriage. Finally after minutes of battering this attorney, Tony Avella came to her defense and call Gennaro out on his "shameful" behavior. I never though I stand up for a lawyer but I felt so bad for her. She was so professional and Gennaro was so scummy and he embarrassed the city.

February 6, 2009
12:22 PM
Johnandcam is right on about Gennaro being scummy and an embarrassment. He did not show class during the campaign making spurious charges and he did not show class after he clearly lost continuing to make spurious charges and lacked the commn decency to concede an election he lost. Voter's in the 11SD should not soon forget Gennaro's conduct and total disregard for truth, fairplay and the voter's in the district. They also should not forget the boatloads of money he raised from developers and other special interests to sell out the very community he ran promising to protect. Senator Padavan may not be warm and fussy but he is a straight shooter who does the right thing by his community year in year out.
VJ Machiavelli

February 6, 2009
11:10 PM
Liz you left out how much his wife received in Consulting fees. like these on Feb 26/08 check #1070 $7,500.00 dollars or on 03/20/08 check # 1074 $800.00 Lets not forget his "LAWYER" "Arnold Kriss on 10/ 02/07 check #1057 $15,047.16, 03/16.07 check # 1031 $25,000.00 Then it seems he love to have "POLITICAL MEETINGS" at Acquista Trattoria on 03/21/07 he had one for $50.65 cents. Yes Liz you should really take a look at how he spent ALL THAT MONEY HE RAISED.

Senator Padavan ran a campaign based on his record, he did not bring up why Gennaro spent $40,000.00 on a lawyer or paid his wife as a "Fundraising Consultant" Gennaro & his "BRAIN" Evan Stavisky used every dirty trick in the book. They could not run a campaign based on records they had to ise one based on Lies and fear.

Gennaro needs to explain to the voters of the 11 SD and to those he represents in the city council WHY HE HAD TO PAY ARNOLD KRISS $40,000.00 DOLLARS. As for using his wife as a "Fundraising Consultant" THATS WHAT TOM DeLAY DID IN WASHINGTON, boy did the DEMOCRAT'S HOWL

VJ Machiavelli
rush fan

February 7, 2009
7:42 PM
Wow, way to lay into them Fran! Parkside is an embarrassment. Working on getting people elected then lobbying these self-same people. Can anyone spell CONFLICT of INTEREST???

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